Tuuli Levit

Tuuli Levit
“I am a Finn, born in Ping Tung, Taiwan and grew up in Hong Kong. I lived 11 years in Israel and have now lived in Helsinki, Finland for the past 15 years.
I never started out as an artist, but certainly now am in it with all my heart. Through the course of my life I have expressed my thoughts in writing, poetry and song – and subsequently I started testing my visual artistic capabilities by exploring media and techniques of different sorts.
I discovered that art requires discipline and structure, but most of all courage. Courage to experiment, to trust the inner process, to be playful and enjoy – and to take a leap when needed.
My first true love affair with colour started when I was introduced to silk-painting. As a self-taught painter, the silk-painting process helped me to experiment how colours reacted to each other; why some argued and others just melted into each other in harmony. It was a fascinating journey, and in the process I found my true passion for painting. Nowadays I paint mainly with acrylics, but I also enjoy making art with polymer.

​In my paintings, I use a mix of acrylics, paper and glue and other mixed media to create collages of moods, moments and poetry for the eye. My sources of inspiration come from my life experiences, from the places I grew up in and lived, spirituality and Judaic symbolism. I take great pleasure from the use of vibrant colors with the aim to generate curiosity and surprise through the layers.”

Contacts: levit.tuuli@gmail.com