Rosamaria Bolom

“La sirena y su cantar” – Photo by Saara Salmi

Rosamaría​ ​Bolom​ (Mexico, 1977). Psychologist, multidisciplinary artist and cultural promoter living in Helsinki since 2009. She have been working in Helsinki with culture and art projects. Mainly focused on cultural productions and pedagogical art-workshops aimed to promote multiculturalism, art, human rights and especially children´s rights.
Sculpture, painting, engraving, poetry & performance are the medium for Rosamaría’s expression. As psychologist she is interested in the otherness, subjectivity, human relations and symbolic language. As artist Rosamaría is am convinced that the universal language comes from the soul and it is the best weapon to combat misunderstanding, prejudices, racism, ignorance, fear and other contemporary ills.
Co-founder and active member of  Third​ ​Space​ ​Collective.