Kene Truve

“I am a psychotherapist and glass-artist. Glass-art has come to my life very suddenly, surprisingly and has taken my heart. For me, glass is the only material, what gives the artist the possibility to make the invisible things visible, that’s because of the characteristics of glass: transparency or non-transparency, colour, texture and clearness of the forms. It also gives the artist the possibility to show inner feelings and processes, something that leads the “behind” of all practical everyday-life stuff. I don’t like the idea that glassworks should just be considered as beautiful pieces. Of course they are beautiful and visually enjoyable, but some glass-paintings have kept the spirituality during all centuries inside themselves so why shouldn’t contemporary glassworks try to do the same?

I use mostly tiffany (copper-foiled)-technique in my works and I want to discover new ways of expressing myself and learn more and more. The landscape of glass-art is rich and amazing, I have just started my journey and I could happily get lost there for the rest of my life like Alice in Wonderland.

My glassworks tell often about Women because, as a psychotherapist I work mostly with Women. I want to perceive and describe their inner and outer beauty, their life-strength and their strong-minded belief, that life can be beautiful and trustworthy no matter what.”