Kenan Türkmen

Kenan Türkmen was born in 1975 in Turkey and started to paint actively during his university years.
The artist does not have formal education in art. He graduated from the Istanbul University, department of Political Sciences.
The first things that impress in his artworks are the serenity, peace, stability and endlessness within. But the main subject, the landscape or the person, have come to this serenity after many experiences, movements and events. And of course, this is not the final point. The future is uncertain as is the past. Feelings can be opposite to one another and uncertain, just like the time, the object and the space. Because nothing comes to us as a result of one thing only. When we look at something, be it an event, a human being or a status, we can see many things about it: the past, the future, the very moment – in fact it is all in front of us. The artist uses the different elements of nature and life together with the elements of human life. While observing an object in his painting we can put ourself in the place this object; in the place of a tree, a stone, a human being, an existent or the non-existent. Besides painting, the artist designs and produces silver jewelry and lamp work glass beads. Kenan Türkmen lives in Helsinki since 2005