Eila Leonoff

Eila Leonoff is a Finnish  visual  artist  and  sculptor who visits  Italy  every  year for  inspiration, teaching marble carving and making her own sculptures. The marble sculptures are a result of a long  process  where  the  marble is first carved  with  an  angle grinder  and  diamond plate and then continued with hand tools. The  subject  depends  on the  stone material, its shape and quality.

Artist  Eila Leonoff  has  a  specific   talent  in  forming captivating abstract oil paintings and fine sculptures.
Eila  has  studied  several forms  of  art at the University of  art  and  design in Helsinki and she has been the Chairperson of “Helsinki International Artists’ Association ry” years 2015-2018.

Her works have  been  exhibited  in  several  galleries :
Galleria Nunes, AVA Gallery, Caisa Gallery, Weekend Gallery, Restaurant Oiva, Gallery Red Conception and
Gallery Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna.