Riikka Helasmäki


My works are born from feelings, moments, things that affect me in one way or another. Things that have made an impression on me. Feeling is the starting point of everything.  The layeredness, roughness and nuances of life fascinate me. When I got a thought or inspiration, it is imperative for me to create it. I paint abstract structured surfaces and colour layers. My hands are permissive and give  space for changes – to live and to carry on. The tolerability and tolerance of an abstract form gives the viewer the freedom to think about the work individually. My works open up through a feeling.
The horse as a topic is also strong and close to me. It is aesthetically pleasing. With the horse’s movement the shape of the line changes, yet it draws the moment and the feeling to your mind.I’m keen to use new techniques, applying the way to expression that I feel is most me.
I work in the field of sculpture , painting and graphics.


Riika Helasmäki

Riika Helasmäki

Riika Helasmäki

Chris Fraser

“My drawing binds all my work and thinking together. It allows me to play, explore, learn, communicate, create and express an idea or to guide me towards it.
For me drawing takes many forms such as fine art, illustration, design, cartoons, and digital media.
I use drawing as a medium for capturing movement; for exploring the humorous side of life; for communicating a specific idea in a clear way; for expressing something abstract.
The versatility and openness that drawing lends itself to can also be a struggle to contain.
It is this struggle that keeps me engaged and wanting to make the next drawing.”

Contacts: chrisfraseronline@gmail.com

Eila Leonoff

Eila Leonoff is a Finnish  visual  artist  and  sculptor who visits  Italy  every  year for  inspiration, teaching marble carving and making her own sculptures. The marble sculptures are a result of a long  process  where  the  marble is first carved  with  an  angle grinder  and  diamond plate and then continued with hand tools. The  subject  depends  on the  stone material, its shape and quality.

Artist  Eila Leonoff  has  a  specific   talent  in  forming captivating abstract oil paintings and fine sculptures.
Eila  has  studied  several forms  of  art at the University of  art  and  design in Helsinki and she has been the Chairperson of “Helsinki International Artists’ Association ry” years 2015-2018.

Her works have  been  exhibited  in  several  galleries :
Galleria Nunes, AVA Gallery, Caisa Gallery, Weekend Gallery, Restaurant Oiva, Gallery Red Conception and
Gallery Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna.




Geneva Rosett-Hafter

Geneva Rosett-Hafter
Geneva Rosett-Hafter is an independent dancer and visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland. She grew up in Petaluma, California, learning art from her mother and enrolled in dance classes at a young age. She studied art in High School and since has taken workshops and visited museums to further her artistic education.
She moved to London and completed her BA degree at Laban in Dance Theater in 2004 – 2008.
Geneva worked as a massage therapist at Laban while also performing in her own works, choreographing for amateur theater companies and working with other choreographers. Through this work she developed her personal artistic style in dance and art.
She also came to realize her interest in the connection between fine art and dance.
In April 2011, she moved to Helsinki to continue her artistic career. She now runs a Croquis class at the Sarjakuvakeskus. She has organized exhibitions and enjoys creating an artistic community that allows dancers and artists to mingle. She works regularly on her own body of work and is on the board of the International Helsinki Artists Association. She is always happy to pursue new projects, ideas, or work with other people.


Julia Pärnänen

Julia Pärnänen
“As a photographer, I use both digital and film cameras. I prefer Black and White landscape photography.
I am also interested in alternative printing process like oil-print, gum bichromate . . . . .
My second passion is etching which I studied at the Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki.”


Louise Charles-Saarikoski

Louise Charles-Saarikoski
Louise Charles-Saarikoski is a full time artist specializing in painting animals in oils. She especially enjoys depicting the expression and behavior of her subjects.
She takes commissions for animal portraits and has collectors of her paintings all over the world.
In addition to portraits, she paints cattle in landscapes, favoring the rarer breeds such as belted Galloway or Highland cattle. When not painting for clients she will be found outdoors gathering reference material by sketching and photographing wildlife and cattle for future paintings.

Originally from the UK Louise has lived and worked in Helsinki for over 12 years.



Lynda Addison

Lynda Addison
Unique Glass Art

“I am an artist working primarily in glass.
I also make mixed media art using my own photographs and monoprints.
My creative impulse comes “from the heart” – I am inspired by the beauty of nature around me, enjoy experiencing different countries and cultures, and I am always eager to try something new. The variety of my work reflects this. Each art work is unique, inspired by a different experience, memory or material. I exhibit my work regularly.”



Rain Lin

Rain Lin
Born 1976 China,
Now live in Finland, Helsinki

“By most innocent eyes to see through the most primitive innocence, which is the artist’s most romantic yearning.”
I fall in love with painting. When I am painting, I am very happy, excited and passionate. Painting gives myself unlimited freedom, with the most simple sense to express inner feelings.
I can immerse completely in my own world, let my imagination flourish…
Everything is so wonderful in painting. I would like to draw forever. I want that my life experiences, perception and cognition are expressed on my painting by my own expression style.
Enjoying things I am doing, expressing myself simply and freely, and drawing with my brush passionately are the most fortunate and happy things in my life”.

Curriculum Vitae

Contacts: rainlinart@gmail.com

Rosamaria Bolom

“La sirena y su cantar” – Photo by Saara Salmi

Rosamaría​ ​Bolom​ (Mexico, 1977). Psychologist, multidisciplinary artist and cultural promoter living in Helsinki since 2009. She have been working in Helsinki with culture and art projects. Mainly focused on cultural productions and pedagogical art-workshops aimed to promote multiculturalism, art, human rights and especially children´s rights.
Sculpture, painting, engraving, poetry & performance are the medium for Rosamaría’s expression. As psychologist she is interested in the otherness, subjectivity, human relations and symbolic language. As artist Rosamaría is am convinced that the universal language comes from the soul and it is the best weapon to combat misunderstanding, prejudices, racism, ignorance, fear and other contemporary ills.
Co-founder and active member of  Third​ ​Space​ ​Collective.


Contact: tatagatabolom@gmail.com

Sandra Heilemann

“I have been a creative person for my whole life.
It started at daycare, continued through schools and through my spare time, later it became part of my work as Management Assistant in Advertising.
I attended several courses, painting in oil, pastels, aquarel. Not my cup of tea and I felt pretty disoriented with my art for years.
After a break from painting and moving to Finland, I attended a Vedic Art course and since that course, I’ve found my artistic way, my own style, my own signature.
All paintings on this site not planned „big time“, usually I have some sort of picture in my mind about 1 day beforehand, but it can also happen that within 1 hour I have the vision of a painting. As soon as the vision appears, the finger start itching, sometimes so badly that I won‘t find sleep until I have at least started to fulfill that craving.
Those paintings are the expression of my soul, my inner self, what and how I see myself, feel myself, during that process of creativity. Sometimes I start with the vision in my head and during the process it happen that the vision clearly changes, so does the painting. It also happens, that I even paint it over again and create something even better, something new.
So, I‘ll lay out my soul on Canvas, open to read for those who can and who are supposed to read that unique language of Art.”

Contact: info@shes.fi
More at: www.shes.fi

Susan Wilander

Susan Wilander is an artist and journalist. She works with different techniques, including painting in oil, watercolour and acrylic, photography, drawing and 3 D objects. An interplay between the real and surreal of our daily lives fascinates her. She tries to illustrate emotions and experiences through metaphorical and often humorous images.