Helsinki International Artists’ Association presents: ‘Origin of Life: Evolution vs Creation’. A group show of contemporary artists from Finland and abroad.

The origin of life is still an unsolved problem for human beings. Each one of us has different ideas about it. Were we created by a God or should we stick to Darwin’s theory ? With their multicultural backrounds, cultures and beliefs artists from HIAA tried to find an answer to this mysterious question.

You are welcome to the Opening of the show 1.12.2016 in CAISA Gallery.

Opened from 6 – 8 pm.

Address : Cultural Center Caisa Gallery,  2nd floor, Mikonkatu 17 C/Vuorikatu 14 , Helsinki


Ahmed Maksoud, Epp Katus,Geneva RosettHafter, Chris Fraser, Ismo Suhonen, Jessica Soueidi,
Julia Pärnänen, 
KiA Winqvist, Karmela Kopcic,  Lynda Addison, Lana Ghassan, Outi Debnam,
Rain Lin, Riitta Säkö, Timo Ala-Vähälä, 
Victor X, Hong Liu-Sertti


Origin of Life: Evolution vs Creation


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